Sunday, January 26, 2014

Journal Post #1

Chapter 1- Becoming a 21st Century Teacher

Focus question: What role does technology play in the lives of students and teachers?

The generation of today was born into this technological advancement, which is great. As a student of this generation we definitely have had the upper hand to learning compared to students of past generations. With this technology age it brings a sense of being able to connect with the world right at your fingertips. A student can now submit their math homework, catch up on the latest events going on in the world, email their grandma, check the weather in Australia, pay a bill, and video chat right from booth at their local Starbucks. Computers have so many possibilities these days that it makes students life easier. These programs help a student anywhere from writing a paper, editing a video for a project, or even learning a new language. We even have computer programs now that can help out students that have learning disabilities. The internet is a wonderful tool as long as it is respected and used with good intentions. The internet is a information center right at your finger tips. From finding information for a project, or simply reading your local news paper online, the possibilities are endless. Social media has become a big part of the majority of us today. It lets us stay connected with family and friends, and even with new classmates and co-workers. As we go throughout life most of us go our different ways, moving to different cities, states, and even countries, but social media has given us the ability to stay in touch with old friends and family that have moved. The only downfall I think is people have developed this obsessive addiction to interacting with people via the internet or social media that they sometimes forget to interact more with people around them. I think all these technological advancements are great as long as they are used with a positive state of mind and good intentions.

                                 Photo credit to Colorado Association of School Librarians on Flickr

Tech tools: Smart phones have evolved so much, its almost as if you are carrying a hand held computer in your pocket. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the possibilities are almost as of a computer. With this phone I can only access the internet, make calls and send texts, but I have the ability of using Microsoft word, I can take a picture of a document and fax it, and I have the ability of printing via wireless connection with a printer. Smartphones and tablets are definitely the future of office work on the go.

                                                         Photo credit to Csaila on Flickr

Summary: Technology has been a impact on students everyday, anywhere from how they live, learn, and interact with each other. Teachers now can assign online activities done in class, online homework outside of class, and even teach a class via the internet. 21st century teacher try to incorporate all of these advancement in their teaching to enhance their students learning, resulting in the teachers digital identity.

Resources: Maloy,R.W.,Verock-­‐O'Loughlin,R.,Edwards,S.A.,&Woolf,B.P.(2013).Transforminglearning with new technologies. 2nd Edition. Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.

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  1. Great first post - you capture the ubiquity and power of today's technology! We do tend to rely on it a bit too much in my opinion, as well. Hopefully, we can do more in the educational systems to find an appropriate in many classrooms, you won't find enough usage and that can be a detriment, too.